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Expert Article By: M J Plaster

Brides through the ages have accessorized with wedding jewelry to add a finishing touch to their bridal attire; however, many brides who don't wear jewelry in everyday life jump at the chance to wear it on their wedding day. Is it the special occasion or the chance to play dress-up that prompts these brides to don the unthinkable?jewelry?

Those brides too practical to care about jewelry in real life use it on their wedding day to check off all the "somethings" that bring good luck?something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Whatever your reason for wearing jewelry on your wedding day, it should complement the overall theme of the wedding, including the formality of the occasion, the design of the wedding dress, and the bridal color scheme if your jewelry includes color.

The traditional bridal jewelry ensemble consists of pearl and/or diamond earrings and necklace, often heirloom pieces (something old, something borrowed). Pearls top the list as the most popular bridal jewelry. Originally worn as a symbol of purity, pearls are understated, elegant and timeless. If you listen closely and put your ear to the ground, you can almost hear that chorus of all the Mothers of the Brides from here to Timbuktu: "Dear, you cannot go wrong with pearls." For once, Mother's mantra hits the mark.

The same holds true for diamonds. You can't go wrong with real diamonds. A rare bride can afford to be gaudy and showy with diamonds, and those who can know better. It's the blinding array of affordable simulated diamonds that leads to trouble. On your wedding day, less is always more unless you're Elizabeth Taylor. There's a fine line between a fairy tale look and gaudy. If you're not sure whether you're crossing the line, ask for help from a trusted friend or relative with an air of elegance.

If you want to wear pearls and a little flash of diamonds, the "Sweetheart" Swarovski line combines the two (something new), and offers you a choice of colors in pendants and spacers, as well as your choice of metals. Swarovski crystals and glass pearls are the finest in quality from the Czech Republic, world renowned for their crystals and semi-precious gems. Each handmade piece is customized to match the colors in your wedding. Their line also includes glass fresh water pearls. If you want to introduce a little color into your wedding jewelry, pick up a color in the bridesmaids' dresses (something blue).

Guidelines for Bridal Jewelry

Semi-formal or formal attire guidelines apply to wedding attire?the simpler the dress, the more elaborate the jewelry. You can't highlight everything, and you don't want your jewelry to compete with your gown. Intricate bridal gowns with elaborate beadwork or hand-sewn lace call for simple, elegant jewelry while unadorned bridal gowns can support jewelry with more glitter, glitz and drama.

You may hear that a white bridal gown requires silver jewelry and that an ivory bridal gown requires gold jewelry. Unless you specifically selected your bridal gown to match your engagement and wedding rings, select gold or silver jewelry according to your personal preference. You're going to find that almost everyone with whom you discuss your wedding plans has an opinion on nearly everything, usually stated as a rule.

When you select your wedding jewelry, ask yourself the following questions:

Does the jewelry fit the occasion? Is it too formal or too casual? Does the jewelry compete with your wedding dress? Does the necklace follow the curve of the neckline? For example, if your wedding gown has a round neckline, a choker follows the neckline. If your gown has a V-neck, a longer necklace follows the neckline. Does your jewelry accentuate your best features, or does it attract attention to the wrong area of your face or neckline?

Earring Options

Whether you choose studs, or dangling earrings, pearls or diamonds, the key words are delicate and elegant. If your bridal bouquet and floral displays are predominantly pastel, you can select one of the pastels for your jewelry ensemble. Pale pink pearls are stunning with a bouquet of pastel roses. Out with the rules: wear whatever makes you look and feel good.

Neckwear Options

High necklines are the only necklines that generally cannot support neckwear. The neckline is the neckwear! If you're wearing a severe neckline such as a bateau, you can wear a more dramatic necklace: a larger, dramatic pendant or a longer strand of pearls. When in doubt, a simple pearl choker complements most necklines without overpowering the gown.


If you elect to wear a tiara, limit the rest of your jewelry to simple stud or button earrings and understated neckwear. You chose the tiara to make a statement; let it do just that. In fact, you may want to forego a necklace when wearing a tiara so that the eye wanders up to the tiara.

When selecting your jewelry, determine which asset you want to emphasize, and use jewelry to draw attention to that asset.

About The Author

M J Plaster is a successful author who provides information on shopping online for and M J Plaster has been a commercial freelance writer for almost two decades, most recently specializing in home and garden, the low-carb lifestyle, investing, and anything that defines la dolce vita. **Note to webmaster - reprint requirement: if you use this article, you must hyperlink the url's, thank you!


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