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Multi Gemstone Rings Why Wear Rings With Many Gemstones

Expert Article By: wwwkaisilvercom

Look around and you will find that gold rings or silver rings with many colored gemstones are very popular. The eariliest jewelry designs for rings with multiple gemstones were mainly an effort to combine sparkling diamonds with larger sized gemstones. The diamonds were included to add accent and glitter to the gemstone.

However the current trend is to combine various colored gemstones into one ring. There are a few reasons why jewelry lovers choose to wear such multi colored gemstone rings:

(1) The first and foremost reason is the beauty and attractiveness of rings with multiple gemstones. The color combinations are unlimited and you can let your fancy run wild. Your imagination and the size of your budget are the only known limitations.

(2) Rings with many gem stones also match well with garments of different colors. Put simply, a ring with a deep red garnet and a citrine gemstone would go well with a dress that is red or off white, or yellow etc. This is a major consideration especially in these days of limp and staggering world economies. This is like getting extra mileage for the dollars you spend.

(3) Another concept that is getting to be popular in recent times is about 'family birthstone' rings. In this multi gemstone ring designs, the birthstones of the family members is combined into a ring. So the father, mother and the daughter would all wear rings that consisted of birthstones for three of them. For example, the emerald birthstone for the mother and the ruby birthstone for the father would be combined with the garnet birthstone of the son. It is not necessary for all the family members to wear the same multi gemstone ring design. The theme is to include all birthstones in each of the rings they wear and the ring designs could be different.

(4) For many centuries man has believed in the healing powers of gemstones. Different gemstones are believed to have different powers and a combination of the gemstones is supposed to yield the best results. The Asian Navratan ring or the 9 Gemstone ring from Thailand are classic examples. This is also one reason for wearing multigemstone rings.

(5) Adding significance to wedding and engagement rings. Marriage signifies a life long bond between two people, it is a tying up of destinies and personalities. Each year, numerous couples seek to make special multiple gemstone rings with the birthstones of each other set in the rings. It is expected that this trend will grow in the next few years. It is an attempt to highlight the importance and sanctity of marriage as a commitment rather than, a casual attempt to live together without thought for the future.

You can see a few classic examples of multiple gemstone rings at this link:

Please have a look and we will be back with more interesting information on gemstones and jewelry.

Thanks and God Bless.


About The Author

Ms.Tuk is senior manager at, the world's leading online provider of high end custom jewelry.


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